Admit it, the thought of dust covering your furniture, clothes, paintings and almost everything you value is one of the major reasons for you to put off your home renovation or remodeling so far. Isn’t it? We totally understand. And because we do, we’ve listed below a few tips on how to protect your things during a renovation; regardless to whether it’s a big one or a small one. Read ahead to find them…
Speak to your professionals
If you’re using professionals to help you out on the remodeling or renovation, then it’s a very good idea to speak to them about your concerns. Most professionals have equipment and techniques to reduce the damage done by dust; but don’t always use them. If the remodeling requires them to saw wood, ask them to do so outdoors. This is a small thing to do, but will avoid a lot of dust.
Move your precious things out temporarily
Dust is not the only thing out to get your things during construction. Though not common, fires and burglary is also a concern. Consider shifting your things to a safer location until construction has been completed. Take this moment to get those heavy garments and duvets pressed and cleaned and the dry cleaners.
Close off a room for the things
Allocate a certain room well away from the chaos to store the things you feel would get affected by dust. Things like your sofa can’t be sent to Dubai dry cleaning, so it’s better to make sure it’s well protected. Avoid visiting this room while the construction is happening to keep the dust out. Also, make sure that your shoes are free of dust before entering the closed off area.
Seal the area
Try to seal the area around which the construction is happening. Use a zip wall to help you. This is a kind of a plastic curtain that helps to keep the dust contained. If you have specific entry ways and exits allocated, this makes the task easier. Make sure to ask the crew to keep the zip wall closed at all times.
Cover and clean
Despite how careful your being, you won’t be able to contain the dust to one place completely. It’s always advisable to cover everything up with both plastic sheets and old cloth covers. This is especially important for the furniture such as the couch and the dining tables. Apart from this, make it a point to get the crew to cleanup before they leave after each working day. Do your own sweeping and cleaning once they’ve left.
Use a professional service once you’re done
Once the crew have packed up and left after the remodeling and renovation, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to do a deep cleaning of your home. If possible, do so before you open up the sealed off area that contains all your valuables. Yes, it’s an additional cost, but a well-worth one as it reduces your workload as well as the damage to your property in the long run.