No matter what kind of establishment you open, the physical appearance is very important to attract clients and customers. Not only does it have to conform to a theme, it also has to match the environment it is in. If you are thinking of opening a cash-flow business like an eatery, then setting the mood to suit the menu and crowd is most important; here are some of the things to be aware of when you do so:

Food and Drink

The most important thing to worry about is the menu. You cannot possibly serve Mexican cuisine on spindly French furniture that hearkens back to Louis XIV. Your décor has to match the menu. The best way to do this is to hire restaurant consultants Dubai who can show you what to do, how to do it and how to afford it. Or you could take a spin on the Internet to help you figure out what kind of furniture and linen you need. It doesn’t necessarily have to be pitch perfect – the music you play can be from the general area of the cuisine, it doesn’t have to match the year.

Environment and Climate

Sure, you can air condition the whole building but that is not how atmosphere is made. If you are opening a restaurant in Dubai then you can go old school and have wide open windows with shutters and sashes to block the glare of the sun but welcome the sea breeze, or you can turn cosmopolitan and 21st century and seal everything in order to put in canned air. You can make this call depending on the clientele and on the chef’s recommendation, since there may be items on the restaurant menu that cannot stand the hot sun.

Efficiency and Speed

Try to remember that you are into a business that requires daily cleaning and lots of stains and spills. There will at least one mega stain every single day and if you plan on running a reputable business, you need to send table covers and napkins to the laundry every day. So your décor has to include fabric and ornaments that can be easily cleaned. Avoid heavy velvets if there are gravies and soups on the menu. However, do not resort to cheap oilcloth if you are aspiring to a high standard.

So look into external as well as internal factors before you decide on the interior décor. Think about the overall theme, the cuisine, the environmental factors and how efficiently you can clean it up. The best way to do this is to hire professional consultants and designers but if you wish so, you can DIY too.