The growth and increased use of the internet to conduct business has made life easier for so many aspiring entrepreneurs. It gives them the chance to start a potential business within a short amount of time without much of an investment. But this does not mean that this type of business does not have any hiccups and problems. Having an online website and store does not guarantee that consumers will certainly buy from that website. The widespread fears of the thefts of credit card numbers and details have kept a lot of people from purchasing on websites that are not that well known. The fact that there are over two hundred million websites on the internet make it hard for a particular company to ensure its website stands out.

One of the best things about having an ecommerce site is the fact that it affords you a lot of flexibility. You can start up the store within minutes thanks to the multiple resources built just for this purpose and you can monitor and manage the store from the comfort of your house dressed in your pajamas! The fact that the initial cost to start up this business is much cheaper than opening up a retail shop makes the job much easier. Logistics make it easy to ship products and this opens up a whole new inventory for you and domains are cheap to buy and to host. In a world where everyone is rushing for time and working multiple jobs, ecommerce is a life saver. It can help them purchase grocery online and have it delivered home via specific grocery delivery services. Ecommerce sites are always open and this enables the owner to make a profit even when he is sleeping or away on a holiday.

One of the main problems faced by ecommerce companies is the fierce competition faced by them by the million other ecommerce websites. Especially when starting off as a new business it can be extremely hard to take market shares from established ecommerce sites. Consumers are also wary about shopping at websites they have not been to or heard of much. The worries about credit card thefts keep them going to the same store even if another unknown store is offering better deals or services. The other problem with operating an ecommerce site is that a number of things can go explicitly go wrong for absolutely no reason and without a warning. If a website is down until the issues are fixed, it affects the profits that can be gained by the company.