It is a world known truth that people reserve hotels for days of stay just to have a peaceful time and to have a break from the busy reality. Therefore the hotel management should be aware of these facts to provide them their fullest possible service. Secondly when choosing a hood hotel for a stay people consider about the food and beverages they can provide because in a peaceful stay having able to find delicious food is another opportunity they do not want to miss. Therefore the hotel services should be able to provide a clean background, delicious food and other services to make them have a beautiful, pleasant and a remarkable stay. They should know that people usually go online and search the best places to spend their vacation and among them if they have chosen your particular hotel then it is a great status for the hotel managers and they should be in a opposition to serve them with the best opportunities and services because a hotel is not just limited to food and accommodation it should have spas, gyms, and many more other places that people love to visit during their vacation.

In some hotels, local beauty and local arrangements are showed and this is basically to attract foreign attention. For an example many Asian hotels have their unique designs, furniture, food, kitchen cabinets and also stall to sell their local goods that many foreigners would like to buy as a memory from that country they have visited. These are extra points that every hotel should have to stand above all the competitors. Also the pool services and the bar should be always open and they have to be clean, the pools have to be cleaned everyday by changing the water, adding chlorine and cleaning the tiles. The bar should have all kind of snacks people love to have after a swim to satisfy their taste buds.

Kitchens of the hotel have to be clean with good hygiene. It is a must for them because food should be really clean or otherwise the hotel management has to be responsible for any defaults that may arise in find. Moreover kitchen appliances have to be cleaned and maintained every day and the food that has to be stored must be stored in clean quality places.

They should be able to have local, foreign ingredients in the kitchen as people have different tastes. Satisfying all those people is a huge task but it is mandatory for hotel crew and managers.