While most people would think that voice acting is not as glamorous and attractive as acting on set with others around, to a voice actor, this is the best feeling they could have. Ask Mel Blanc; the infamous Bugs Bunny voice actor and 400 other cartoon characters. There is an obvious passion for this art. Today even voice over acting, like many other areas in the entertainment industry has switched over to the digital age. New technology has enabled voice over to be recorded with more quality and anywhere in the world.

The start

The beginning of any journey that is pursued is usually the toughest and getting a voice acting career started is no different. The immediate job that needs to be done is making a demo reel of your voice to represent you so that potential employers are aware of the specific skills you have and this can be recorded in small clips in MP3 format. The British voice over artist Alex Warner for example, works for the corporate sectors like BMW and Audi so his skills are specific and targeted in a way to match his needs.

Making a demo has become much easier with the advancements in technology. In England, demo clips can also be posted on media platforms like the English voice overs websites to reach larger audiences.

Setting up a home studio

New digital era has given rise to technologies that can be used in your own home that are far more cost effective and convenient than what it used to be. The necessary advice and gear to set up a home studio can be readily available online.

Creating a portable studio

Working on the move is important for a voice over artist Dubai and this is where a portable studio with necessary devices is necessary. Most gears like digital microphones can be directly plugged on to iPhones and iPads nowadays. It is best to keep a watch at the latest equipment and upgrade accordingly.

Making friends in the same industry

Like in any industry, the more connections you make in the industry, the more help and knowledge you will gain in that particular industry. This will also help make a reputation and word of mouth is likely to boost your name in the market. Attending voice over conferences will also help you build up networks to get insights in to the latest technologies and converse with artists of different areas in the industry. These types of conferences gather the most distinguished voice actors to share experiences and ideas.