Children don’t take care of their teeth like adults. They need special care and should be taught on how to take care of their teeth. When baby teeth aren’t taken care of, it becomes detrimental when the permanent teeth start coming. There have been findings that when children have cavities, it is more likely they get cavities with their permanent teeth as well. Follow these steps to keep your child’s teeth healthy.

Brushing their teeth twice a day.

This goes without saying, it is compulsory your child needs to brush twice daily. It’s even better if your child could brush after every meal. Brushing destroys the bacteria and removes all plaques and stains. Make brushing twice a day and drinking water after every meal a habit for your child. If ignored your Childs teeth can become discoloured and decayed. This in turn would affect your child’s oral hygiene and when his or hers baby teeth fall off and are replaced by the permanent teeth, they may require expensive surgeries, veneers to correct the discolouration and decay.


Teach your child to floss because flossing removes the residual food and bacteria that are stuck between our teeth. Flossing helps to reach places that your brush cannot reach. Be careful when flossing because it can harm the gums. Flossing should be done at least once a day because food gets stuck in-between our teeth after every meal.

Going to the dentist

Take your child for regular check-ups to the dentist. At least once every six months. They should be taken to a pediatric dentist in Dubai. Pediatric dentists are dentists who specializes in children. It is critical that your child sees a dentist because some issues can only be identified by them. We may not notice it but some children may require dentures at an early age to fix their teeth and jaw alignment.

Nutrients for you child

Your child may require nutrients such as milk, curd, sardines, cheese etc. Calcium is essential for your child’s teeth. It strengthens your teeth and prevents tooth loss and cavities.Other foods including carbohydrates and sugary food are bad. The bacteria in your mouth start eating these sugars and secrete an acid which eats away the teeth enamel. Avoid or minimize on sugary food and increase your child’s intake of calcium.

Oral hygiene is principal for healthy teeth. How we take care of our teeth when we are young will affect us in our adult life. Part of our appearance also depends on our teeth. We can have bright smile if our teeth are as bright.