We can call ourselves healthy only if all parts of our body are functioning properly and is not suffering from any conditions. This includes our pearly whites. In other words, if we are to say we are perfectly healthy our oral health should be top notch too. This is why we are advised to follow some simple methods daily to keep our mouths clean at all times avoiding any problems occurring.
The normal procedures that we are supposed to follow are brushing our pearly whites twice a day and flossing them. We are also asked not to eat too many sweets as too many sweets can harm our pearly whites making them decay. However, though these are the normal procedures that we can follow in order to keep our pearly whites healthy there are certain conditions that can occur without us doing anything wrong. Nevertheless, we do have solutions for them too.
Solution for a Lost Tooth
Sometimes, because of some reason our pearly whites can go bad and start to decay. A dentist will try to save the tooth by removing the decayed part and filling that hole. However, there are times when that solution does not work. At such a moment to save people from having to live in pain the dentist has to remove the tooth. But, you do not have to fear about not having that tooth anymore because with solutions such as same day dental implants you get to have an artificial tooth to fill that gap. If your bone structure is sufficient and your gums are healthy the dentist will insert a titanium screw to the place where there is a gap because of the lost tooth. Once this screw merges with the jaw bone properly your dentist will cover the screw with an artificial crown giving it the appearance of a normal tooth.
Solution for a Troubling Tooth
Then, sometimes there can be special conditions where you have to suffer. There are times when the tooth type that grows last in a grown person’s mouth, the wisdom tooth, grows at an angle because it does not have enough space to grow in the right way. Then, you have to suffer with constant pain. The only solution for that situation can be wisdom teeth extraction. You can get this done by a proper dentist who knows what he or she is doing.
There are ways to keep your oral hygiene in good condition without worrying too much as there are solutions to every problem you may have.