Technology has changed our day-to-day lives so much. For the most part many aspects of our lives have been automated and made easier. Sometimes systems are more complicated and a small glitch can bring the whole operation crashing down. Its interesting to see how humans have evolved the way they do things and wonder where technology would take us next.

The way we shop

Technology has changed the way we shop in such a drastic way. People are no longer compelled to go to shops if they wish to buy something. They can order it online or call the seller and have it delivered to their doorstep. Websites and call center companies in Dubai have made this possible. They communicate our order to the seller who will then prepare it and have it delivered to us. This lets sellers reach larger audiences, as they are no longer limited to selling to the neighbourhood in which their shop was located. It also gives customers a wider choice as they can order something from a shop half way around the world as easily as getting something down from the shop just a few blocks away. Therefore if the local shops do not carry the goods they want, they can simply find a shop that does and have it delivered.

The way we work

Technology has changed the way we work as well. Companies are now run as a collaborative effort between its own employees and those that work for various outsourcing companies in Abu Dhabi. Technology enables us to coordinate all these different functions under one roof to make sure that all the necessary jobs are done parallel to one another. Computers automate a lot of the processes and update data almost automatically. This also helps companies analyse trends and make more informed decisions.

The way we communicate

With the invention of the satellite and the internet humans have made great leaps in terms of how technology has developed. The ability to communicate across the globe has increased the ability for humans to innovate and to be more creative. It also exposes us to more global perspectives and enables us to be more open-minded. Communication is also more instantaneous and this has helped create what is known as a global community.

It has also impacted our culture, which is no longer segregated or contained in their country of origin. We see culture and trends from other countries seeping into our own culture. This removes various cultural disparities that may have existed before, that kept us from understanding each other.